The Midlands

The Footsteps of Robin Hood

The Heartlands of England start from the south central area of England (the Cotswolds) and stretch to the East Anglia area. It ranges from quaint countryside, typical English green fields villages and a moderMidlands visiting-england.comn infusion of larger cities, such as Oxford. It is a famous University town and one of the best places to start exploring this area of England.


Based around the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands are an area filled with medieval rich history, cathedrals and castles Midlands visiting-england.comscattered across this area of England.

You will find Tattershall Castle, and in Nottinghamshire, the famous Sherwood Forrest (from Robin Hood tales) and it is possible to visit Major Oak, which is supposedly where Robin Hood and his merry men met.

Land of Contrasts

The West Midlands are well known for larger cities such as Liverpool,Midlands Manchester and Birmingham. Even though there are industrialized cities, you do not need to travel very far to see sites of cultural and historical interest.

Cheshire County is full of timber houses surrounded by lush gardens. Shropshire is an agricultural area with many rolling hills and a countryside like a postcard painting.



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