General Info

Please find a short checklist on visiting Britain / UK below:

Entering Britain

- You will need a visa (only if not EU or Commonwealth), organize it information before departure
- It is not allowed to bring any pets to Britain
- Organise your airport transfer maybe from one of our sister websites, or use the public transfers
- Make sure you have an insurance

Getting around Britain

- Best way to travel in London is the public transfer:
- For visiting different areas of the country hire a car or
- Use coach or rail:
- Flights are cheap in Britain, but in most cases the travel distance is not worth the organisation

Find an accommodation

- Especially in London accommodation is very expensive
- Mind, that during the high season prices might even rise
- Find an accommodation adequate to your budget

Useful information

- British currency: one pound (GBP) correspond one hundred pence
- All purchases in Britain are subject to VAT (or Value Added Tax), which is 17.5 percentinformation
- the country code for dialing the UK is 0044
- the emergency telephone number is 112 or 999
- Power in the UK is via a 3 rectangular pin socket; it is 220- 240V 50Hz AC power, you may need an adapter
- PayPhones normally work with phone cards, best way is to use a pre-paid international phone card
- Prices in Britain are quite expensive in comparison to other European Countries; find a budget accommodation on our sister website

Weather in Britain

- The summer information visiting-england.comperiod is from July until around the end of August (high season)
- The weather in England can change very quickly

- In the summer period, the differences between hot and cold can be very sudden: pack warm clothes as well as loose clothes and something for wet weather

Getting around England:

Useful links for your visit at a glance specialist in accommodation within greater London for all budgets Public transfer in London Britain Rail for the organisation of your personal airport transfer a short guide for cheap food in London find out what the weather is like in Britain



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