Frequently asked Questions

Please find a listing of our Frequently Asked Questions on Visiting England:

Q - Which is the best airport to arrive to in London?

A - All of the airports are not really in Central London. Heathrow is the largest, and busiest. It benefits from being on the Underground (Metro) system in London, which helps when getting into the centre. The other airports (Stansted, Luton and Gatwick) are all very similar in distance. London City airport is probably the closest in distance to the centre, but not many flights are scheduled here.

Q - Which is the best time of year to visit?

A - High season is from June until around the end of August, this is the summer and peak tourist season, where accommodation is most expensive. You might save a few pounds if you do not mind travelling in the off-season. But keep in mind that some attractions are closed then.

Q - I have heard that England is very expensive. Is this true?

A - England can be expensive, but can also be affordable, depending on your expectations. In Australia or South Africa you can get a five star hotel room for the cost of a small B&B room in central London. Consequently, your budget should be realistic. If you want luxury in England, then be prepared to pay much for it. An ideal English holiday is staying in a small guesthouse – it is a unique experience. For more accommodation options click here.

Q - Do I need a visa to enter the UK?

A – You only need a Visa if you are not living in the EU or the British Commonwealth. Living in other countries you will have to contact your local UK embassy to find out your requirements for your visa. Generally work visas and work permits are much more limited and difficult to get. The basic tourist visa is fairly straightforward.

Q - Is the weather really that bad?

A - It all depends on the time of year that you travel. In summer it can be very comparable to the rest of Europe. In winter it can be very pleasant, as well. As most people say, the rain is all part of the charm. Take it as a part of England.

Q - Where are the best historical sites?

A - The answer is “everywhere”. In each city or village you will visit, do not hesitate to contact the tourist office and they can tell you about any places of interest in the area.

Q - Which is the best location to visit?

A - There is no easy answer to this question. It all depends on the kind of holiday you wish to have and what you are trying to get out of your trip to England. London is great for a big cultural historical city experience, the South for a coastal holiday, and the North for historical significance.



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